What to Do If Your Spending the Night Out

Who am I to question your life? But I have been asked this question by the acid-balanced brainwashed. “What do I do if I get caught out without my acid-balanced face things?” It took me a few moments to realize that the young lady questioning just might find herself spending a night out here and there quite unexpectedly meaning she hadn’t time to pack all that acid stuff.

Let me say that once you have your face in shape meaning its acidity where it ought to be on the normal scale you’d do better to leave your protective covering on overnight than to start fooling about with someone’s (someone we haven’t educated as yet) strong stuff such as a deodorant soap, for example. Now I am not, ever, suggesting that you forget your nightly regimen in favor of going to bed with your makeup on … no matter how attractive your housemate may be.

For if you have been on the proper regimen long enough, your skin will look good enough without makeup. But, whatever you do, don’t go washing with deodorant soaps in the name of cleanliness, unless you want to undo all the good you’ve spent months building up. Better to wait until the next morning when you’re home. Then take off your makeup with the proper things and start afresh. Your skin will be the fresher for waiting.

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