What were your must-have make-up products for the range?

€œBlack eyeliner, the greatest mascara on earth and a really fantastic bright-red nail polish. Even if I have a bad cold and don’t want to leave the house, I’m immediately more excited if I have a shiny deep-red nail. Weird, but true. €

Your signature eye make-up is super-cool and slightly lived-in. What is the best way to achieve the look?

€œWell, I do it extremely fast – which is why it looks like my four-year-old has done it. I want it to look like it’s five days old. My style icons are Captain Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean and Steve Tyler. I use MAC Feline Liner for the inside of the eye, plus my new Game Changer eyeliner from M&S. It’s glossy black and glides on very easily – I am in love with it. Then stick on loads of my Pile It On mascara, smudge it up a bit and you’re done. Not neat, not clean and not perfect – that’s an eyeliner crime. €

Who is your beauty icon?

€œChrissie Hynde. €

Do you enjoy getting your make-up done for TV or do you prefer to DIY?

€œI don’t mind either way. Debbie Dannell has done my face for TV for about 100 years. Every time I leave the house looking repulsive I lose her a lot of work. Can I say sorry here? She’s amazing and really fast. I’m not very good at sitting still, so we can stick it on in about eight minutes. €

And your hair – who is responsible for keeping that fringe looking great?

€œAn actual hair genius cuts my hair. He’s called Michael Charalambous and his salon is Nyumba in London. He gives me that Has she just woken up?’ hair that I love. €

Name your two favourite hair products…

€œAveda Shampure shampoo and my new conditioner for M&S. It’s sort of the one’. €

What were your must-have make-up products for the range?

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