Condoms don’t have to take auav from creativitv and spontaneity. Don’t just keep condoms in a box near your bed, hide them in every room. Stick them in a kitchen cabinet so you can have sex on the kitchen floor. Stick them under the sofa so that you can have sex in the living room. Put one in the soap dish in the shouer. Condoms may take auav a little sensation during sex. but at least youTİ feel happy afteruard. The best sex that a single person caıı have is sex that feels good during and after.

Many of these women have supportive husbands and lovers who reassure them that they’re beautiful and sexy just the way they are. Others’ partners, though, weren’t so supportive. “My husband used to joke in bed, Where are your breasts? I can’t find them” wrote one reader.

Some women wrote that they are contemplating surgery. “I am a beautiful 20 year old, yet I feel extremely ugly when not wearing dothes,” wrote one. “One breast is a size larger than the other. Unfil I have breast augmentation surgery on the smaller one, I am stationed in sexual hell.” Many others who were dissatisfied had eventually learned to accept their bodies, sometimes with the help of a partner. “My boyfriend and I used to have sex with my bra on because I was selkonscious about my small breasts,” wrote one woman. “One night he took off my bra and threw it into a comer and said that he loved my breasts. He made me feel so sexy.” And o size 16 woman explained how she and her husband overcame her insecuritie$ “we nsb oit on each other, take baths and slow dance in the nüde. These get me focused on what we’re really trying to do: express our love for each other.”

Can you talk about sex?
ommunication is vital to good and safe lovemaking: Peo ple uho can talk about sex uith ease are the ones most likelv to get uhat they uant in beti and to protect them selves from unuanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted infections. Here, from the National AIDS Behavioral Surveys. is information on the communication pattems of about 1,000 women and men between the ages of 18 and 39, ali of uhom have partners. (We’ve combined mens and uomens aıısuers. uhich uere strikingly similar.) The good neıvs: The vast majoritv hnd it easy, even lun. to talk about sex. İn the 12 months prior to the study, almost 40 percent had discussed their sex life uith their partners at least once a week; only seven percent said they never talk about it.



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