Which diet is right for YOU?

Hidden Horrors Avoid Them!

No matter which diet you’ve elected to follow low-carb or low-cal down the road to skinny, you’ll find, lurking along the way, hidden horrors, surprising little things that could trip you up, if you’re not aware of them. I don’t intend to see that happen. I was hit with a few real surprises on my way to thin, so why not save you from any sad experiences?

If you’re on a low-carbohydrate diet, you will quickly remember the vegetables that you are permitted. You’ll know that strawberries are your only allowed fruit. But suppose you get in a situation, as I did once, where you’re a guest at a dinner where the only non-carbohydrate is the meat course? What to do? Hard to whip out your chart and then tell your hostess you must leave at once! Moral: Make do with the meat in a situation like this. As for fruits I had the same experience by mistakenly guessing that a piece of watermelon just couldn’t hurt me. No re-entry into my clothes.

There are many other hidden carbohydrates as well. Milk has many more than heavy cream. Milk is forbidden on the low-carbohydrate diet. So is yogurt. Chewing gum can ruin you, as can catsup, or anything loaded with tomato paste. Even tomato juice. (There’s lots of unseen sugar there.) As for diet drinks, read the labels! Many of them now use sugar, and no matter how small the amount it won’t mix with low-carb. Ditto for lots of other so-called diet products. You can, on the other hand, dive into such gourmet goodies as Quiche Lorraine providing you ignore the crust. Stay out of Oriental restaurants. Everything in them is sugar-loaded, more often than not. Just think of all those sweet-and-sour sauces and you’ll see. Cream soups, of course, usually contain flour, so beware.

imagesAs for the low-calorie routine, well, here is where you can really be fooled. Check out steak, for example. Or realize that one tiny rib lamb chop contains approximately 400 calories and that’s just the meat part. If you eat the fat, forget it! Cheese is large on calories, while bread an average slice of, of course, the good, healthy sort contains only 63. The diet kind, because it’s sliced thinner, has less and usually has the calories listed on the label.

Yogurt is not diet food! Not on anybody’s diet. It’s great for you, for your digestion, for getting your protein, for keeping your stomach in healthy condition, but it is not without calories. And they are plentiful. We’re not talking about vanilla yogurt (which another hostess tried to palm off on me as being the “same as plain” it isn’t); we’re talking about the imflavored kind. If you head for the ones with the gooey preserves at the bottom then you may as well stop eating for the rest of the day. You’ve blown it!

Did you imagine that black coffee contains 2.3 calories per cup? If you’re a heavy coffee drinker (which we hope you’re not unbeautiful), that adds up. Tonic water has 71 calories per glass, and while club soda has 0 calories and 0 carbohydrates just try to remember that all carbonated beverages may make you bubble up in fat. It’s safer to stick to water.

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