Why Should Physicians Fear Them?

It took doctors to discover their healing powers. Why are those very same doctors now so reluctant to admit that vitamins their very own life-saving discoveries may just have the power to do more than save one from scurvy or beri beri? It’s a damned good thing they were discovered, all right, and lives saved thereby. But why must they now feel so embarrassed to admit that vitamins are do-gooders?

My very own doctor the one and same advanced physician who is so forward-thinking by comparison with his contemporaries said to me recently, as he suggested a vitamin B shot as a possible aid for my writer’s exhaustion, “I hate to admit it, but they do work.”

Why should he hate to admit it? And why is the FDA, our watchdog of food, so determined to limit our vitamin intake to the minimum? It has taken them this long to limit sleeping pills, amphetamines (and I’ll believe that limit when I see it legislated), and the other really dangerous drugs. Why be so determined that we not get the beauty-making, health-giving, healing effects of vitamins? Effects doctors not only discovered, but know are there. They gave us vitamins and now they want to take them away. I will grant you that there are one or two vitamins that ought to be watched. Those are A, D, and, to a certain extent, E, since relatively little is known about it to this date. But that is because these are the oil-soluble vitamins the ones that can build up in your body to a possibly dangerous additive sum. The others, however those that must be replenished every day, and the ones from which the body can take only as much as it needs (the rest goes out with other body wastes) what can possibly be the harm in those? It’s a bit akin to Curie’s being embarrassed by X-rays or Thomas Edison’s never turning on an electric light.

And if you think you get enough vitamins in your food well, first check my chart carefully. (And that “carefully” is important, because the vitamins are there, all right, but see what you’re getting in the amounts of food you eat. You may be surprised, and not pleas I don’t know how, since he continued to snore.) Since that time, I’ve used it to drown out the basketball player upstairs who dribbled that ball across a bare floor at 4:00 a.m. And the little old lady downstairs who forgets to turn off the tub water and has not only a flood on the floor, but one rushing through the pipes that makes Niagara a piker. Let’s just say the investment in rest is well worth the $29.95 spent. P.S. If you’re a newly-transported-to-the-country girl, it drowns out crickets, barking dogs, and early rising birds, as well.

And, since we’ve linked them together once, let’s do it again. Remember sex is the greatest of all soporifics. As Dr. Abraham Friedman put it, if, after a good go at sex, you head for the refrigerator, you’re doing something wrong. What you should feel like heading for is bed! And if you’re not sleepy yet well, you’re already in bed, now, aren’t you?

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