Will treatment affect my abilify to have children?

In some cases. yes. Chemotherapy affects a uoman’s supplv of eggs as well as their j quality, and cancer treatment can induce early menopause. While surgery to reI move the ovaries is irreversible, about 90 i percent of women under 30 who receive chemotherapy or ovary suppressing drugs i will remain fertile, says Richard Theri; ault. M.D., associate professor at the Uni versity of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Çenter in Houston. That rate drops to 50 percent for women in their thirties and to ten percent for women in their forties.

Of ali the chemotherapy drugs, cytoxan is most likely to cause prematüre menopause. “But for women at high risk of spreading or recurrence of the disease, the need for treatment may outweigh the risk of infertility,” says Dr. Goldstein.

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