Winter Makeup

One of the types of seasonal makeup is known as winter makeup. There will also be differences in makeup due to the intense effect of winter. Skin color is also important for winter makeup. Especially if you are a white-skinned woman, then you should not include dark tones in make-up and make-up selections. The main step for winter make-up is to choose the tones that dominate the eye makeup.

But there are aspects to pay attention to. It would be wiser to use brown instead of black for the pen that will be used as eye. For winter makeup, eye color is important in eye makeup. If you have a brown eye coloring, it is better to use copper and earth coloring. If your eyes are blue and green then it is recommended to use gray and smoked colors. For eye pencil, it is preferable to use laci or black color in winter make-up. According to the structure of your eyes absolutely shade should be determined by the shape of the headlights.

Another factor that should be applied when making winter makeup is blush. Blush color is generally suitable for light-skinned people with white skin. The blush colors used for winter makeup should be in peach and earth colors. Again in accordance with the make-up, lipsticks should be used in the cream of pale pink or rose. These colors will reveal the lightness of winter make-up and face suitability. Lipstick may vary depending on the color of the dress with the eye makeup.

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