With a Lot of Help from My Friends

While I was counting my daily thousand, I still studied every health food beauty blog in sight. And I came up with what were, for me, four little friends that guess what? made me skinny!

I didn’t discover them all at once, you understand. One at a time, I tried them. And when I had counted all four, I seemed to have come up with a formula that was, for me, seemingly infallible for making my weight come off with a sudden rush that surprised even ever-doubting me.

The four were lecithin, cider vinegar, kelp, and vitamin B-6. And we’re going to give them to you one at a time more digestible that way.

I can only say that I put them all together and came out thin! In two weeks, I lost twelve pounds all the pounds I had gathered before my diet about-face from low-carbohydrate to low-calorie living.

I found it difficult to believe. Dr. Atkins had to be shown before he would believe it, and it seemed pretty ludicrous for him to be asking me how I did it. But there I was: thin again and still healthy.

Now, since this fortuitous accidental fat-off formula fell into my lap by sheer luck, I have tried the same recipe on innumerable willing guinea-pig friends. You’d be surprised how many guinea pigs one can come up with when the carrot at the end of the stick is a brand new, thinner shape. It should tell you how many people weigh more than they really want to. So far, the mysterious mixture of these four ingredients has never failed to take off pounds, as long as a low-calorie regimen was strictly adhered to. For I wouldn’t dream of suggesting that these four, together with unlimited food intake, would make you lose weight. If you ever come up with a formula like that, you’ve no doubt got a ready million waiting for you. That’s a beautiful dream for now. And, for now, those of us who wish to get our weight down and keep it there will have to diet in one form or another. But my four little friends sure did make things easier. And quicker, which is the best part of all.

Now I wish I could tell you that I had vast numbers of control subjects, and laboratory tests on the usefulness of these four seemingly magic weight-offers. I can’t. But I have tried them. My friends have tried them. We have all lost weight, rapidly. And since each of them is nothing more than a food with the single exception of B-6, which is just what it says it is, a vitamin I don’t see how it could hurt you to try.

Check with your own doctor anyway. I did!

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