They kind of swapped gender stereotypes; Mulder was the emotional believer and Scully was the rational serious one. I feel like that was an interesting thing to do. I think they both respected one another’s opinion. It became an idealised version of a relationship between a man and a woman of mutual respect.

What have you missed in the years since you last played Mulder?

You miss that time together. We were all younger and all very new together too and that is a time that can’t be recreated. There is a fondness that you have for that time and place as well.

You’re still in great shape. Do you workout?

Yeah, I workout because, honestly, it helps my head. If I don’t workout, I’m no fun to be around.

What has changed for you this time around?

I nd it a lot harder to work through the night. Some of it is harder and some of it is easier. The hours are harder but the acting is easier. I think we are all better. We have done a lot of work since we all started the show.

The technology has advanced since the 1990s, what App would Mulder have on his phone?

Probably Snapchat. I don’t know. I don’t see Mulder Snapchatting, I don’t see Mulder Tweeting, he’s not a Tweeter. He is pretty much of a Luddite, I am surprised he even has a phone!

Has it been hard having to talk technical again for the new show?

Gillian has got a lot of it. She has got a lot of medical stuff and scienti c stuff. They give her the lion’s share of that! I just faint and lose my gun all of the time.

The X-Files deals with all kinds of fears, what is your greatest fear?

My greatest fear, aside from being eaten by a shark on land? My greatest personal fear, aside from personal bodily harm, would be singing in public because singing in private is not that scary.

Has playing Mulder made you more or less of a believer in aliens and the paranormal?

I don’t know. I mean, I haven’t seen evidence of anything like that, but I have suspicions. I think it makes more sense that there is more to the world than just the physical. I think it makes more sense that there is more forms of life than live on Earth. Those things just make intuitive sense to me but I have no evidence.

Finally, are your kids proud of you for bringing back the show?

I can’t get them to watch! I’ve tried but I’m not one of those parents (laughs). I’m proud of my kids, I don’t need them to be proud of me. I want them to be proud of themselves €“ that’s good enough.


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