Yellow Fashion: How to Wear Yellow

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Yellow Fashion: How to Wear Yellow

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Kendall Jenner New York City Style

If he’d done nothing but help write This is Spinal Tap, and star in that mother of all mockumentaries as the spectacularly goofy guitarist Nigel, Christopher Guest would already have my eternal gratitude. But he’s done so much more. Under the radar, he’s put together a stock company of near-brilliant comic actors like his writing partner Eugene Levy, Catherine O’Hara, and Parker Posey. In films like Waiting for Guffman and Best in Show the team has cooked up a whole new genre of movie comedy, in which lovable nuts pursue crazy dreams.

The latest in Guest’s chronicle of American silliness, A Mighty Wind, tracks the reunion of three folk groups from the sixties for a TV special. There’s an earnest trio (played by Guest and Spaial Tap alums Harry Shearer and Michael McKean) who can’t remember their chords. There’s an impossibly square variety act, fronted by dubious talents like plucky harmonist Sissy Knox (Posey). Funniest of all is duo Mitch & Mickey (Levy and O’Hara), who were once involved but haven’t seen each other since the seventies, when Mitch had a breakdown. The first sight of Levy, getting off a bus and wandering into his ex-lover’s house, eyes staring as if they’d been frozen open, elicited howls of joy in the crowd I saw the film with.

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