Yoga Poses For Older Adults


Once you have the go-ahead to start running, the next step is to choose an appropriate pair of running shoes.

This is easier said than done. The choice of running shoes has become enormously complex, and there are probably over 100 different models of running shoes on the market.

This problem is compounded further by our inabilities to define those minor individual differences in body structure that determine which shoes are best for

Us (Cavanagh, 1980). I feel that the choice of the appropriate running shoe is determined by two principal factors:

Yoga Poses For Older Adults

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1. Whether or not you are a novice.

2. If you are not a novice, whether or not you are injured.

If you are uninjured, (a) whether you run enough to warrant expensive shoes and (b) for what activities you want to use the shoes.

If you are injured, what type of injury you have.

Shoe Advice for the Novice

It is always best to start running in a relatively modestly priced pair of shoes, bought from a repuExercises running shoe dealer. If after some months of running you have an injury, the nature of the injury will indicate what type of shoe is likely to help cure that injury and prevent further similar injuries. This is discussed further in post 14.

If you enter that running shoe shop prepared to buy a modestly priced running shoe, you should know something about the different features of running shoes and how these features affect the performance of any particular model.

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