You start dating someone new In the flush of a new romance

You start dating someone new In the flush of a new romance, luxuries can start to seem like necessities. How can you say no to splitting season basketball tickets or to a weekend in the country? You suddenly need some new clothes, from a Wonderbra swimsuit to a conservative outfit to wear when you meet his parents.

The best defense is to be honest with yourself and your new man about how much discretionary income you can spare for entertainment especially since there’s a good chance that he may be overextending himself in order to impress you. Early in the game, give him a rough idea of your normal spend-ing habits. If the relationship is as promising as it seems, you’ll be able to have a fabulous time together within mutually agreed-upon limits. As for new clothing needs, compensate by cutting spending in another area say, on CDs or restaurant lunches with coworkers to cover the meeting-his-parents outfit.

You move to a new city Moving is always costly, but the temporary7 chaos may set off unnecessary spending as well. One way to cut the cost of professional movers is to comparison shop. Get at least three estimates from different companies, and always call a reference to ask if the movers’ final cost was close to the original estimate. Knowing your rights will also help you get a fair deal:

To receive “Shipping Your Household Goods,” a booklet that includes information on federal laws designed to keep movers from overcharging, send a check for $1.50 to the Government.

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