Your Weight Normal or Ideal

Dr. Robert Atkins taught me something about weight I’d never heard before nor since but it certainly stuck in my mind. It is that your normal weight is not necessarily the same thing as your ideal weight.

When a patient makes his or her first visit to Dr. Atkins, he carefully takes a history. “Was your mother overweight? Your father? Brothers or sisters?” Ad infinitum. “Have you ever had to diet in your adult life?” (And the word “adult” is seemingly very significant.) “How much did you lose? How many times? When?”

It seems that what all this means or rather, what it tells the doctor is just what your normal weight is, as opposed to what you would like it to be.

If you have been on a reducing diet more than three times in your adult life, then the high point from which you started is your normal weight. And in my case, at 124, it was far from ideal. Twenty pounds over ideal, in fact. And, according to Dr. Atkins, whatever your normal weight is, that’s the point your body will head for, should you ever be un-wise enough to stop thinking fat!

Now some people are lucky. Their normal and ideal weights are the same. Must be nice. But from the number of people on reducing diets these days, I would think these lucky folk are the rarity, not the norm. My only advice is to remember there is no such thing as a cured fat person only arrested cases. So keep on thinking fat! All through your, by now, skinny life.


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