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Ali of our lives, we’ve either been on a diet trying to lose weight or we’ve been off our diet which means we’re gaining. Do you ever remember just being neither losing nor gaining? Have you ever simply stopped and said, “This is where I am right now?”

So often we are so obsessed with our final goal, which may be some ten or thirty pounds away, that we don’t stop to experience now, to feel today.

This pattem is another example of the mind/body split: that stage when the mind has not caught up with the body (see page 48). It is a majör cause of plateaus. Plateaus are breathing spaces, a time to mend your mind/body split. If you let them, plateaus can be highly positive. Experience yourself where you are now, not where you’ve been, not where you’re going, but where you are right now.

Says Carol, “I am skinnier and more attractive now, with cheekbones to knock your socks off. The sizes of my cloth ing are small; the appreciation for the new Carol is great.” But, conscious of the mind/body split, she adds, “I can feel the extra bulk I will take off in the not too distant future. But I am comfortable and want to assimilate this particular me.

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