I remember, agedbroaching the subject with my very charming gynaecologist, the only person I dared ask. He paused, then replied, Some of the most vibrantly sexual women I know are in their fifties. A deeply encouraging answer. Although much of being in my fifties is quite unexpected, there are the cliches my shortterm memory has become stubbornly delinquent; I seem to eat a fraction of the amount I used to and yet, given half a chance, weight sneaks on; if I forget to do my stretches there are mornings when I feel stiff. There is the heightened irritation factor, which I now read as simply an increased sensitivity to noise and physical or emotional pressure. When the yelling of small children or the throb of background music in people’s homes drives me to distraction, I try to assume a pleasant smile because I know that only old people get irritated by these things. I need more time to myself, less rush and more routine.

ZOE SALDANA STYLE photos 2015.


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