Zooey Deschanel Workout Routine and Diet Plan

The truth? Yoğurt is a lowfat dairy product made by inoculating milk with bacteria. Nothing more. Nothing less. As to its lifelengthening properties, according to well known Phoenix nutritionist Jeanne Patterson, “There is probably no more correlation of longevity with yoğurt than there is to the number of colored telephones within a par ticular population group.”

Nor can man live on yoğurt aloneand prosper. By ali admissions, yoğurt is an incomplete food. Although young rats grow faster when fed yoğurt than when fed milk, both products “lack enough iron, Vitamin C, and copper not to sustain life beyond early infancy.”* Like milk, yoğurt is fairly high in sodium, and salt is not something we want to clog our systems with, as you’11 soon see.

The bacteria in yoğurt predigest some of the lactose, the natural sugar present in milk products. Some, not ali. And if the yoğurt is pasteurized, as almost ali of it is, this slight advantage is lost because the enzyme and the bacteria are destroyed along with the lecithin that would digest the fat content. Destroy the digesting enzymes and you get zero nutritional value.

We’ve just been talking about pure, unadulterated yoğurt. Add sweeteners or fruit and any possible advantages of raw yoğurt are destroyed tenfold.

Remember, cheese and yoğurt are also proteins. So add ing them to fruits or vegetables will make the carb portion of these foods indigestible. Even one drop will lock ali those carbs in your stomach. Hardly worth it, right?

Zooey Deschanel Workout Routine and Diet Plan

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