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A collection of live performances by Irish country singer Derek Ryan

THE ENTERTAINER LIVE is the latest offering from Irish country singer Derek Ryan, a 22 track album featuring a mixture of original and cover songs. Taken from his concert at the lontasTheatre,

Cast leblaney, the tracks were previously only available to watch on DVD, but, such was the success ofthe DVD, Ryan has decided to release a CD version. This album will surely delight those who are already fans of Ryan; who doesn’t love a live CD from theirfavourite artist? Ryan spends a lot of time touring and is obviously passionate about what he does, performing a long set list at sold out shows. He has been named performer of the year by Irish newspaper The Sunday World, and he is definitely experienced, having toured previously as part of Irish boy band D-Side (2001 -2006) and then gigging in London until 2009 when he returned to Ireland to start work on his debut album.

The energy of his performance certainly does come through on this CD, from the toe tapping beat of The Belle of Liverpool to the clap along rhythm of 100Numbers. There are some slower moments as well, including his debut single God’s Plan, a song which was widely played and is now a firm fan favourite. It is always interesting to hear artists perform cover songs, and Ryan does a good job of putting an Irish country twist on classic songs such as Whiskey In The Jar and Hey Jude.

One thing that is off-putting about this album is how often Ryan says “come on! to the audience. It is understandable that it is there during a live performance, but whilst listening to the CD and not actively participating in the concert experience it is quite jarring. There is also a tendency for the songs to roll into one and they do not feel that memorable. The songs that did stand out though were fun, well-written tracks (such as It’s Friday, an ode to ‘that Friday feeling’) which you will find yourself humming for days afterwards.

THE ENTERTAINER LIVE is notan album that will win many newfans,butthat was most likely not the goal of this release- if you are new to his music it wou Id be better to start off with a studio album. If you already love Derek Ryan, then you will love this album. Verity Moore

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